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Olsztyn is a multifunctional economic, research and cultural centre of Warmia and Mazury.

City Factfile

City Area:88.328 km2
Population: 173,070


Olsztyn Today

Olsztyn  is a city on the Łyna River in northeastern Poland in the region known as the "Thousand Lakes". Olsztyn is the capital of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, and is a city with county rights. Almost half of big enterprises in the region and many public and commercial services are located here. Over 20,000 people study at the University of Warmia and Mazury. Moreover, as a capital city of a popular tourist region, Olsztyn is a destination or at least a stop on the route to the Mazurian Lakes. One of the results of this status is a growing number of cars in the city. In combination with the urban sprawl, it causes major problems with congestion, parking and other mobility issues.

  The City has adopted several strategic documents:

To solve mobility problems, Olsztyn develops its public transport system with a particular focus put on the tram network reintroduced after 50 years. The new mode of transport became a starting point for revolutionary changes to the city’s transport system. It is a step to achieve such strategic goals of Olsztyn FUA’s SUMP as:

  • High quality public collective transport and road transport
  • More attractive public spaces and higher security and safety
  • Promotion and support for more reasonable mobility choices



Justyna Sarna-Pezowicz;
Head of the Strategy and European Funds Department